White Rabbit Breeds

How Many Different White Rabbit Breeds Are There?

Pet owners tend to fall in love with white rabbits more than other rabbits with other colors. Here are the 7 best breeds for white pet rabbits. 

  • The Himalayan Rabbit 
  • White Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
  • Blanc De Hotot White Rabbit
  • White Lionhead Rabbit
  • New Zealand White Rabbit
  • Florida White Rabbit
  • White Flemish Giant Rabbit 

Rabbits are cute to have as pets, and most of them make excellent companions when you establish trust. It would help if you learned about a rabbit’s breed before taking it home. Some pet rabbits get along with other pets well, while others cannot cohabit with predators.

What Do Pet Owners Look For in Pet Rabbits?

There are a few characteristics that make a pet rabbit attractive to a pet owner. You look for breeds that are friendly, docile, and easy to maintain. Go for lighter breeds if you are buying a pet rabbit for your child. Some rabbits can grow up to 22 pounds, which can be a little too heavy for children to carry. 

Overall, avoid any aggressive breeds that can kick or scratch you when they are scared. It would be best to avoid breeds that are always scared because they may be scared to death by new people. You can select one of the breeds on this list if you are looking for a white pet rabbit.

Breeds of White Pet Rabbits

Seven white rabbit breeds make excellent pets. You can choose one of the seven breeds if you are looking to add a white rabbit to your list of pets. All the breeds on this list are friendly, loving, and easy to sustain.

White Flemish Giant Rabbit

The White Flemish Giant rabbit is among the larger breed of rabbits in the world. The white ones are albinos and rare because they are an anomaly. Most Flemish Giant rabbits are brown, gray, or black. However, you can find a White Flemish Giant rabbit on sale online with a simple search. 

The breed was initially reared for meat because it can grow up to weigh 10-22 pounds. Nowadays, the rabbits make excellent companions because they are intelligent, docile, and calm. You can have a White Flemish Giant rabbit in your home if you have other larger pets like dogs. 

White Flemish Giant Rabbits can last for over 8-years, and they do not panic at the sight of visitors or larger pets. However, you should never pick up a White Flemish Giant rabbit as they have a powerful kick. You can pet them when they are on the couch or floor. 

It would be best to have a steady supply of high-quality hay, or other rabbit feeds because a White Flemish Giant rabbit eats 24/7. It would be advisable to buy hay in bales to save on the cost of hay and transport.

Florida White Rabbit

Florida white rabbits were initially bred for laboratory uses in the U.S. Some laboratories still use them as test guineas, but many are lucky to be adopted as pets. They have thick, soft fur and ruby eyes. They have smaller bodies, which makes them look adorable and lovable. Florida white rabbits are sought after for adoption as pets. 

They can grow up to weigh 4-5 pounds, and they are the easiest to care for among all the white rabbit breeds. The rabbits are playful, well-mannered, and loving. They live for 5-8 years, and you can feed them high-quality hay or rabbit-safe vegetables. The breed isn’t fussy, and you can expect a few trips to the vet during the pet’s lifespan.

New Zealand White Rabbit

The New Zealand white rabbit has an albino gene, making it have white fur and ruby eyes. Its origin is New Zealand, and it was initially bred for meat in the U.S.A. They have large rabbit ears and plump haunches. Their fur is thick, and you will enjoy petting a New Zealand white rabbit. 

They can grow up to weigh 9-12 pounds, depending on the gender. New Zealand white rabbits are intelligent and playful, making them ideal for pets. You need to feed them high-quality hay and clean water to keep them healthy. Overall, they are popular companions for pet lovers.

White Lionhead Rabbit

The rabbits are related to the Angora breed, and they are fluffy. White Lionhead rabbits are not snow white, but rather an off-white or have a silver tint. Some white Lionhead rabbits have black points at the ears, nose, paws, and tails. 

They are a timid breed that can turn aggressive whenever they feel threatened. Therefore, it is an ideal breed for an expert in raising rabbits. Beginner pet owners may do a few things accidentally that spook the rabbit.

Blanc De Hotot White Rabbit

The breed comes from Hotot-en-Auge in Normandy, France. It is a combination of three breeds: White Vienna, White Flemish Giant, and Checkered Giant. The breed was reared for meat and fur because of its size. It has white, silver-frosted fur, which is soft, thick, and beautiful. 

 The Blanc De Hotot White Rabbit has a dark circle around the eyes about 1/8 inch thick. It appears as though the rabbits have eyeliner on. 

They are bigger than other white pet rabbits because of the genes of the White Flemish Giant and Checkered Giant breeds. Overall, they are friendlier than other rabbit breeds, and they are brave, so don’t expect to see the rabbit running to safety often.

White Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The rabbits are the size of guinea pigs, and they thrive in environments that do not have predators. You can’t have the White Netherland Dwarf rabbit as a pet if you have dogs in the house. They have snow-white fur, ruby pink eyes, and shorter ears. The rabbits are white because they have an albino gene. 

White Netherland Dwarf rabbits are timid, and you need to be patient with them before they show you affection. Your home should provide a safe environment that is calm and serene for the rabbits to thrive. They are a playful breed, and you will need to purchase some toys for your pet rabbit if you opt for the breed.

The Himalayan Rabbit

It looks like a rabbit version of a Siamese cat. It is an albino version of the Himalayan rabbit, and it has black fur in the nose, ears, paws, and tail. The rest of the fur is white, thick, and beautiful. They are friendly, playful, and good with children. They are a calm and easy breed to have as a pet.


White pet rabbits don’t need special care other than the recommended care for a specific breed. There is no extra hustle for owning a white pet rabbit. However, you should take time and learn the care routine for your breed of white rabbits. 

You can select a breed of white pet rabbits that is suitable for your environment. Some breeds are suitable for warm climates, while others can survive all weather conditions. Overall, you are aware of the seven white rabbit breeds that make the best pets. 

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