Harlequin Rabbit

Harlequin Rabbit Everything You Need To Know!

The “clown of the rabbits” is famous for its unique coat color and patterns. The Harlequin breed of rabbit is named after its distinctive body patterns. The Harlequin breed is defined by coat color and patterns rather than body shape and hair. While bred for rabbit exhibitions, Harlequin rabbits make wonderful pets.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the harlequin rabbit, and I will help you know if this rabbit breed can make a good pet.

What is the Harlequin Rabbit?

Harlequins are well known for their distinctive colors. When seen from the front, its face is evenly divided into two colors from top to bottom, with five to seven bands of alternating colors on each side of the body.

This alternating color pattern will also be seen on its legs and ears.

The Harlequin is a medium-sized rabbit with a well-muscled commercial body type, weighing up to 10 pounds when fully matured. They were originally quite popular in the United States, but they are now considered an uncommon breed to locate.

The History of the Harlequin Breed?

A confined wild Tortoiseshell Dutch Rabbit breed evolved into the harlequin rabbit breed. The Harlequin’s marks and colors were first mistaken for those of a poorly colored and marked Dutch rabbit, but the marks and colors were soon recognized as a distinct feature of the Harlequin.

In 1887, the harlequin rabbit made its first appearance in Paris. After a few years, this breed was transported to England and utilized for meat during World War II.

The word Harlequin was derived from a court jester’s appearance. The Japanese rabbit was the initial name, but it was not used during WWII.

Types Of the Harlequin Rabbits

There are two main types of this rabbit; the magpie harlequin rabbit and the Japanese harlequin rabbit. The main difference between the two comes in the coloration of their coats.

Japanese Harlequin Rabbits

They are orange in color and can be chocolate, blue, black, or lilac. The majority of them have orange bellies, and the markings can be any of these colors.

Magpie Harlequin Rabbits

They are white rather than orange, and their markings might be lilac, blue, black, or chocolate. Magpie Harlequins have white bellies, and, like Japanese Harlequins, their body markings are in bands, bars, or a mix of the two.

Characteristics of the Harlequin Rabbits

The Harlequin rabbit is a one-of-a-kind breed with a distinctive appearance. Despite their popularity as show rabbits, these bunnies are equally popular as pets due to their pleasant disposition and adorable looks!

Harlequins are often born in litters of five to six kittens. Due to their looks, these rabbits might be more expensive than other rabbit breeds, especially if they are show-quality.


These rabbits have short, smooth hair that requires little upkeep to stay clean. Shedding is minimal, but if you’re concerned about the amount of hair that can end up on your clothes and furnishings, brush them once a week or as needed using a wire bristles brush.

Indoor rabbits normally have a cleaner coat than outdoor bunnies, so if yours has any dirt on him, use a moist cloth to spot-clean it. You should never give your rabbit a bath since it will cause them a lot of stress and may cause them to have a heart attack, leading to death.


The Harlequin rabbit is a medium-sized to large rabbit that weighs between 6.5 and 9.5 lbs. Bucks are often heavier than the do.

They feature a spherical head and a commercial body type. They have medium-length ears that stand straight on top of their heads.


Due to their distinct colors and patterns, the Harlequin rabbit breed is frequently referred to as the clown of rabbits. Harlequin rabbits come in two varieties: the Magpie and the Japanese.

Japanese Harlequin rabbits are often orange with lilac, chocolate, black, or blue markings. Magpie Harlequin rabbits are often white with blue, black, chocolate, or lilac markings. Bands, bars, or a mix of the two make up their body marks.

Harlequin rabbits must have a three-part frontal modification to meet the Standard of Perfection of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. This implies that the ears must be of various colors and the face, which must alternate with the ears.

Colors for the chest and rear feet should also be different. Harlequin rabbits are friendly bunnies who like hopping about and exploring their surroundings.


Rabbits are considerably more difficult to litter train than cats, dogs, or birds, but it is achievable with a lot of patience, dedication, and incentives. Many rabbit owners will have 5 or 6 litter boxes distributed throughout their home so that their pet rabbit can quickly access the litter box rather than performing their business anywhere they like. 

However, don’t be surprised if toilet training your rabbit takes many months. It’s a long process, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Even though they’ve done it thousands of times before, the Harlequin rabbit is a social critter who enjoys hopping around and exploring every inch of his home. With their brightly colored bodies and personality, they are certainly the clowns of the bunny world. 

They’re friendly rabbits who will welcome touch on the head and a back scratch now and again. Even though this is not a little or small rabbit, it gets along nicely with kids as long as the smaller ones are supervised when playing with your Harlequin.

Their beautiful coat tempts them, and much more so when they learn how active they are.

Make sure your rabbit has a few safe toys to play with. Rabbits come in a variety of personalities and can be choosy when it comes to their toys.

You may spend a few hundred dollars on a wonderful bunny-safe toy just to discover that your rabbit is unimpressed. 

Some rabbits are pleased with merely a piece of cardboard or a discarded piece of wood, while others require complicated toys that cognitively engage them to be happy. As the pet owner, it is your obligation to ensure that your pets are healthy and happy – all you have to do now is figure out what sort of toy your rabbit enjoys!

Grooming the Harlequin Rabbits

Harlequin Rabbits have medium-length fur that may require brushing and combing on a regular basis. No matter what color Harlequin Rabbit you have, it will require grooming on a regular basis.

Brush its fur to keep it clean, sleek, and pest-free.

Grooming should be done more often to minimize wool blockages and fur ingestion, especially during the molting stage. If you don’t groom your rabbit’s coat, the hair is not digested and can build up in the digestive tract, creating blockage and potentially serious issues.

Even if your rabbit is soiled, you should never bathe it since it will put it under a lot of stress. You may spot wipe it with a moist cloth.

Simply wipe the rabbit down with the towel and then dry it with a dry one.

Your pet’s nails should also be examined. If you can trim or file their nails every month. Also, look for enlarged teeth in its mouth.

Have the veterinarian do it for you if you don’t feel comfortable cutting or filing your pet’s nails or inspecting its mouth.

The vet has particular instruments for safely and effectively trimming the nails, as well as techniques to examine the mouth and inspect the teeth. Cleaning and inspecting the rabbit’s large ears for pests and blockages is necessary.

How to Care for the Harlequin Rabbit

Taking Care of a Harlequin Caring rabbits is similar to caring for other breeds. You must ensure that it gets the correct food and shelter and take it to a veterinarian for medical and dental treatment.

Hay is the primary meal of captive-bred rabbits. For a well-rounded rabbit diet, you can also utilize rabbit pellets, veggies, and fruits.

Give rabbits grasses, twigs, weeds, seeds, nectar, and fruits that they would find in their natural environments, but only from organic sources.

In their enclosure, keep fresh water and hay. Hay aids in the health, happiness, and regularity of their digestive tracts.

Water should always be kept in a large, heavy shallow dish where your rabbit can drink it. Because the dish is heavy, it will not fall over.

Keep in mind that captive-bred rabbits may only become nice companions if you devote time and effort to train them. It’s better if you practice and engage with it on a regular basis.

Rabbits are also sociable creatures who require company. It’s recommended to have three or more so that your pet can grow up to be happy, healthy, and well-behaved.

The Health of the Harlequin Rabbit

Harlequin rabbits are regarded to be a healthy breed with no known breed-specific health issues. They are, nevertheless, subject to classic rabbit issues, including overgrown teeth and flystrike.

Dental issues are typical in all rabbit breeds since their teeth continue to develop throughout their lives. The greatest and easiest approach to avoid painfully enlarged and ingrown teeth in your pet rabbit is to provide him with a hay-rich diet.

Eating hay helps to naturally file your rabbit’s teeth, preventing them from growing into their mouth and jaws. Inspect your rabbit’s mouth and teeth on a weekly basis to avoid any problems, and take your pet to the veterinarian if anything appears to be wrong.

You should cut or file your rabbit’s nails on a regular basis, just like any other rabbit, to maintain them neat and short. Keeping your rabbit’s claws short helps prevent them from harming themselves or the person who is carrying them on their lap.

Trim your rabbit’s nail at home using sharp nail clippers, being careful not to harm the quick. If you’re frightened of clipping your Harlequin rabbit’s nails at home, take them to the vet.

What is the Harlequin Rabbit’s Lifespan?

This rabbit has a lifetime of five to eight years, which is slightly shorter than other rabbit breeds.

Where Can I Get the Harlequin Rabbit?

The price of a Harlequin Rabbit varies depending on whether you buy from a breeder or a retailer. Whether you’re purchasing a rabbit for a pet or a show, the price will vary.

The price may vary depending on gender, size, coat color, coat quality, and overall attractiveness. Beautiful harlequin rabbits may also be found in exhibitions and contests.

When looking for a reputable breeder, you want to be sure you’re receiving a rabbit that’s healthy and free of genetic disorders. Only buy Harlequin Rabbits from reputable breeders that raise them in confinement.

Harlequin Rabbits may also be seen at trade fairs and farm events, where they are shown as huge, robust rabbits for both coat and meat. This breed is also included in shows and contests, which may be sponsored by the ARBA or other local groups and clubs.

Harlequin Rabbit FAQs

Should I Keep My Harlequin Rabbit Outside or Indoors?

It’s entirely up to you! Some bunny owners choose to keep their pets indoors, while others prefer to keep them outside. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Your rabbit will have greater space outside, as well as access to grass and fresh air. They will, however, be more vulnerable to prey.

Your rabbit will be secure (and warmer!) indoors, but they will have less space.

How Big Should the Cage Be?

When it comes to rabbits, the larger, the better! If you have the capacity for a large hutch, your rabbit will love the extra area to run around and exercise. Nobody likes to be crammed into a small place!

If you don’t have much space, the cage should be at least four times the rabbit’s size. Smaller rabbits (less than 8 pounds) should use a 24′′ by 36′′ guide, while bigger rabbits should use a 30′′ by 36′′ guide.

Hutches with numerous stories are also popular since they provide extra area for your bunny.

Final Thoughts

Harlequin rabbits are medium to large-sized rabbits with a distinctive look and stinky coat color and patterns. Harlequin rabbits are wonderful pets and friends for individuals of all ages, especially families with children, despite the fact that they are usually bred as show animals.

Harlequin rabbits are kind, lively, curious, and intelligent creatures who like exploring and interacting with their family. This rabbit will like being petted while sitting in your lap and will enjoy playing with children and entertaining you with amusing antics.

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