Rabbits Drink From Bowl

Should Rabbits Drink From a Bowl?

Yes. Rabbits should drink water from a bowl, and it feels close to drinking water from natural sources. A bowl enables a rabbit to bend their head and lap water as they would when drinking from the ground. Therefore, you should consider getting your rabbit a water bowl, but don’t throw your water bottle. 

A rabbit’s water bowl is known as a crock, and a crock can be made from various materials. The popular crock materials are plastic, ceramic, and metal.

This article will teach you why you need both a bowl and a water bottle in a hutch. Also, you will learn care tips to ensure that your rabbit has a constant supply of water.

Why Do Rabbits Need Water?

Rabbits, like other living creatures, need water to live. The water intake will depend on the type of food you provide your pet. Dry grass or hay will lead to more water intake than when a rabbit eats green grass. Here are two other reasons why rabbits need a constant supply of water. 

Poop Disposal

Water is an essential component when it comes to rabbit poop. They need to drink lots of water as they feed to ensure that nothing gets stuck in the large intestines.

When rabbits are dehydrated, water is pulled from the contents of the large intestines into the blood. The result is congestion that makes it hard for rabbits to poop. 

The condition is painful for rabbits, and they may stop eating altogether. You need to call an experienced rabbit vet to treat your pet once you notice it’s not eating. There should be an adequate water supply for rabbits throughout the day to avoid congestion. 

Excretion of Excess Calcium

Rabbits need calcium for strong bones, and their digestive system has the means to absorb as much calcium as possible from food.

Therefore, rabbits often have an excess of calcium in their system that needs to be excreted. Excess calcium is expelled out through urine, and that’s the reason why rabbit urine is chalky. 

Lack of adequate water hinders the excretion of calcium in the body and can lead to calcium stones. The stones are painful, and you have to call a vet to help out your rabbit in excreting the excess calcium.

It would be best to find out the right amount of calcium for your rabbit to ensure the diet meets the needs without exceeding the limit.

Benefits of a Bowl for Rabbits

A bowl allows rabbits to lap at the water in a natural position. Bowls are easy to access, and a rabbit can head to the bowl anytime. Most bowls are about 2-inches deep and 5-6 inches in diameter.

You can buy a dishwasher-safe bowl and reduce the time it takes to clean it daily. It is easier to keep the bowl clean because it is open, and you can scrub every inch of it.

Disadvantages of a Bowl for Rabbits

A bowl is open, and dirt can get into the water during the day. Rabbits are clean creatures, and they will not drink dirty water. Therefore, a rabbit can stay thirsty whenever the water gets dirty, and you are not around to refill it. 

Another disadvantage is that playful rabbits can hit the bowls and spill the water. Also, on hot days the water can evaporate, leaving nothing for your pet. Therefore, you need a water bottle as a backup water source if anything happens to the water in the bowl.

How to Select the Right Bowl for Rabbits

You don’t need to be an expert in all things rabbit to select an excellent crock for your pet rabbit. A few features will make it easy to refill water daily and keep the crock clean. You can choose any material you like, but most pet owners go for ceramic because it is heavy. It is harder for rabbits to knock over ceramic water bowls. 

Find a bowl you can hook up to the hutch without bolting it. A hook or bracket reduces the odds of the bowl getting knocked over, and it is easy to remove the bowl for cleaning or refills. Finally, choose a brand that is dishwasher safe. You can sanitize the bowl when you throw it in the dishwasher. 

Buy two or more crocks so that you can swap out the dirty one when you go to refill water. It makes cleaning easy because you have backup crocks. You can find crocks at your local pet store or online on Amazon.

Why Should You Keep a Water Bottle?

A water bottle has a drip system that delivers clean water without wasting any. It is an excellent backup option for pet owners with a bowl. It is better to ensure that your pet will have water whenever you are not around. 

Water bottles are an excellent delivery mechanism during winter when your rabbit is outside. It is possible to insulate a water bottle and ensure the water doesn’t freeze in winter. Also, the lack of spills keeps the habitat dry when the weather is freezing. 

It would be best to clean the water bottles every day to ensure they don’t develop algae inside. You can buy several water bottles to make it efficient when you are doing refills. Having a water bottle and crock in a cage allows the rabbit to pick the option they prefer when drinking water.

What Type of Water Do Rabbits Take?

You should give rabbits water that is fit for human consumption. Most of them can drink tap water if it is safe for human consumption. Rabbits are sensitive creatures, and giving them contaminated water can lead to illnesses. Always make sure that you are giving your rabbit clean water. 

Don’t give rabbits beverages like soda, juice, coffee, caffeine, tea, or any other beverage you like to enjoy. Most beverages that humans take are toxic to rabbits, and giving your pet your favorite beverage will lead to health issues. Stick to clean drinking water because that is the only liquid your pet rabbit needs.


Rabbits can drink water from a bowl or a bottle. A bowl is the best option because rabbits can lap at water as they would in the wild. A bowl allows your pet to drink water in a natural position, unlike a bottle that requires a rabbit to raise its head. You can find many designs of bowls for your pet rabbit online or at the local pet rabbit. 

However, don’t remove any water bottle in the cage when you buy a bowl. A water bottle can act as a secondary water source if the one in the bowl spills or evaporates. It would help if you cleaned both water equipment daily for sanitary reasons. Overall, buy your pet rabbit a bowl if you can do so.

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