Can You Get a Hamster High

Can You Get a Hamster High?

Yes. Hamsters can get high. They, like humans, have cannabinoid receptors, which is one of the factors that allow them to do so. If you smoke in the same room as your hamster, it may get dizzy, hungry, or suffer major lung damage. The level of the effect of weed will depend on the size, weight, and age of your hamster.

Read on as I explain how hamsters can get high and some of the effects of getting your hamster high.

How Can You Get Your Hamster High?

Hamsters are capable of getting high. They, too, contain cannabinoid receptors, which are one of the components that allow them to get high.

When you smoke pot around your hamster or feed him edibles, you introduce drugs into his bloodstream.

These chemicals typically go via his circulation to interact with his endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), which has a range of activities but is primarily responsible for maintaining internal balance.

When THC binds to ECS receptors, it interrupts various processes, causing him to become high. Consider the case below: If you smoke in the same room as your hamster (which I strongly advise against), the hamster may get unsteady, hungry, or suffer significant lung damage.

A hamster can get high in two main ways: 

  • Passive smoking
  • Direct intake of weed

Passive Smoking

Passive smoking is when your pet inhales the smoke from your weed. It is likely to get high when you smoke in the same room as your hamster.

The hamster may start showing signs like Red eyers being sluggish, or sleepiness.

Active Intake of Weed

This mainly happens when the hamster chews edibles or seeds that may be left on the surface. As you got to play or feed your hamster, you may forget to carry the edibles you were consuming or marijuana seeds on the ground, especially if you are high yourself.

When the hamster moves around and finds the marijuana seeds or edibles, it will consume them, assuming it for food or a treat. This intake of weed may have negative impacts on your hamster.

Hamsters can also get high by taking catnip. Catnip is commonly given to cats, but it is not harmful when given to a hamster. It contains an oil nepetalactone that makes the pet high.

Hamsters get high on catnip through breathing nepetalactone. This is found in a live plant, oil extract, or dried plant material. 

The substance binds to receptors in a hamster’s nose, stimulating sensory neurons that go to the brain. This seems to affect activity in the olfactory bulb, hypothalamus, and amygdala, among other brain parts.

This final section is crucial in controlling the animal’s emotions, among other things.

Experiments have ruled out the possibility that the chemical can also induce a response in the vomeronasal organ. This is an additional olfactory part located deep in the nose of most animals (but not in humans) involved in detecting pheromones.

However, it’s possible that when nepetalactone binds to nasal receptors, it takes on the structure of pheromones. Nepetalactone causes a strong, intoxicated response in most pets, regardless of the underlying cause.

Effects of Getting High on Hamsters

As I mentioned earlier, the impacts of getting high will vary depending on your hamster’s age, size or weight. As you get medication from your veterinarian, you should ensure that you get the appropriate one in accordance with the factors mentioned above.

A hamster that is high will exhibit diarrhea, sleepiness, vomiting, or a slow heart rate. Depending on the dosage, your hamster may also show a level of relaxation, red eyes, or a reduction in blood pressure.

Long-term marijuana usage has been shown to affect the liver, heart, reproductive system, and lungs. Even if you don’t want to offer your hamster cannabis, it is possible that they may ingest it by accident.

If your pet consumes marijuana by mistake, it might result in serious health problems, keeping them away from cannabis Sativa plants.

How Can You Safely Get High Without Affecting Your Hamster?

To avoid getting your hamster high, you need to take appropriate measures when smoking, keeping your weed or any other substance at home, or planting your marijuana.

Safety At Home When Keeping Your Marijuana

If you don’t want your hamster to eat your food, don’t put it out on the counter or on the floor. The same applies to your weed: keep it out of reach of your pet and make it as difficult as possible for them to accidentally consume THC-laced food.

Keeping your goods in a drawer or cabinet, ideally away from the ground, is the most typical approach. Alternatively, you might store your marijuana in a locked box or glass jar that your hamster is not likely to touch.

You should aim to keep fun activities away from where you store your cannabis since this will lower your pet’s interest in the safe zone. This means you should never give your pets treats if you’re high or about to go high.

Safety Measure When Smoking

Your hamster may inhale marijuana smoke and so experience the effects of marijuana. Furthermore, if you are high and distracted from the edibles and your pets’ behavior, your hamster may easily slip into cannabis edibles that are left out on surfaces.

Unfortunately, although you may be able to recognize and comprehend the sense of being high, your hamsters will not, especially if they took the marijuana unintentionally. The relaxation, exhilaration, visual impressions, and other effects may be frightening to a little pet that has never felt anything like it before.

What makes the effect worse is the size of the hamsters. Since hamsters have smaller bodies than humans, they are more prone to overdosing, which may cause hallucinations, panic, and high blood pressure.

There have been reports of hamsters dying as a result of a THC overdose. This is particularly true after eating large amounts of medicinal marijuana.

If you’re going to smoke marijuana in front of your hamsters, be cautious. As you prepare to smoke, keep your pet in another room or smoke in a well-ventilated area to reduce the chance of a secondhand high.

When consuming edibles, take just what you need and store the rest in a secure place. This should reduce your pet’s access to marijuana and make it difficult for them to experience its effects.

Safety Measure When Planting Marijuana with Hamsters Around

You must be careful how you grow your marijuana garden. Because cannabinoids need heat to be transformed into molecules that the ECS can utilize, raw cannabis will not get your hamster high.

Furthermore, the odors produced by cannabis plants deter most dogs from eating them. On the other hand, Pets may devastate any garden by discharging waste, digging, trampling, and so on, so take additional steps to protect your valuable cannabis plants.

You need to consider erecting a garden fence around your outdoor crop and placing your indoor plants in a place out of reach of your hamster. Marijuana is a very fast way to poison your hamster. As a result, it’s critical that you follow the actions I’ve suggested to keep your pet safe.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters can get high. I hope this article gives you information on how they can get high, the effects of getting high, and the recommendations on the correct way to use, grow or store marijuana.