Can Hamsters Use Bird Toys

Can Hamsters Use Bird Toys?

Yes, hamsters can use bird toys. However, not all bird toys are safe with your hamster. Avoid bird toys that include plastics, ropes, or spaces where your hamster’s small feet might get stuck. The majority of toys designed for birds are equally suitable for hamsters.

Read on as I look into the best bird toys for hamsters and those that are not suitable.

Can Hamsters Use Bird Toys

Many items that may be considered dangerous to birds are sensitive to them. Toys for birds are designed with both safety and effectiveness in mind.

They provide enrichment and provide something to do for an energetic hamster. Avoid giving your hamster bird toys made of low-quality plastic. Your hamster will gnaw on it, which may consume some of the bits.

Which Bird Toys Can a Hamster Play with Safely?

There are a variety of safe ways for your hamster to play and exercise. The best bet is to buy hamster-specific toys; however, we sometimes have leftover bird toys that we may want to add.

Any old toy that is offered to a curious hamster is considered a new toy. Here’s a list of some of the most popular hamster toys:

  • Apple sticks
  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Chew toys
  • Tube mazes

Which Toys Are Not Safe for My Hamster to Play With?

Bird toys come in a wide range of designs. Some of them aren’t meant for hamsters that chew on items they shouldn’t be chewing on.

Other toys with areas where hamsters’ feet might get caught are dangerous. Long wire, chains, or rope are also potentially harmful. Avoid the following toys:

  • Thin plastics
  • Tough rope
  • Toys with gaps
  • Chains
  • Toys made of wood that splinter easily

Are Chewing Toys Harmful to My Hamster?

A hamster’s daily routine would be incomplete without chewing. Did you know that chewing is vital to keep your pet’s dental health in good condition?

They must chew to grind down or file their teeth to avoid overgrowth since their teeth are constantly developing.

Knowing how important chewing is to hamsters, it may be irritating and worrying when they don’t appear to be interested in the toys you’ve given them. The lack of interest in chewing on toys may cause your hamster to engage in other activities, such as chewing on the cage bars, under certain circumstances.

Hamsters will chew on the bird toys that you give to them. It is important that you give chew toys to hamsters so that they can reduce the growth of their teeth.

Some of the best bird chew toys include:

Woven Grass Balls

Because they replicate your hamster’s natural need to munch on grass, grass balls are an excellent option. It’s a natural choice that’s also completely safe to consume.


Loofah is good for cleaning the skin of your hamster; it’s also a perfect blend of soft and firm for chewing enjoyment. On a good piece of loofah, your hamster will grind, floss, and nibble with its teeth.

Why Do Hamsters Need Toys?

Hamsters are fun little friends to have in your home since they are busy and entertaining. They want to pull, tug, chew, or play around all day; therefore, you should provide them with something to do or play with.

The reasons why you need hamster toys to include:

  • Toys support the health of your hamster
  • Toys act as rewards
  • Toys make hamsters active hence keeping them happy
  • Toys keep depression and boredom away
  • Toys play a big role in helping you bond with your hamster

Toys Support the Health of Your Hamster

For hamsters to keep their bodies fit, they need to exercise. They burn a lot of calories by playing with toys, tugging, running on their wheels, or chewing.

Chewing will also help your hamster to grind down his teeth and prevent asymmetrical or painful overgrowth.

Toys As Rewards

Instead of a treat, reward your hamster with a new toy if it is well behaved or pays careful attention to you. Praising with words or treats is effective, but you may also praise with presents such as a bird toy or anything else that isn’t made of plastic.

Toys Keep Hamsters Active

A healthy and active hamster is a happy hamster. Make sure there are toys for pleasure and exercise to encourage activity.

When you offer new toys or even leftover bird toys, you may hear your hamster chirping and watch it attempting to leap around with delight.

Toys Keep Depression and Boredom Away

A sad hamster will be sluggish and uninterested in eating or socializing with other hamsters. Adding a hamster wheel or even bird toys for your hamster to tug and gnaw on can keep him or her entertained.

Providing hamsters with toys may avoid becoming mischievous or perhaps injuring themselves by engaging in dangerous or undesirable behavior.

Toys Help in Bonding with Your Hamster

Is it important to you to have a connection with your hamster? You may form a bond and earn each other’s trust.

Your hamster will come to you and react favorably to your hand or arm when you hold it in your hand or arm.

Bring a toy and have a game of fetch or tug of war. While playing together, be enthusiastic and full of praise in order to foster a beautiful relationship and friendship.

Hamster Bird Toys FAQs

Do All Hamsters Like Bird Toys?

Every hamster has its preference when it comes to toys. So, if you are looking for the best bird toys for your hamster, the answer is all of them.

You’ll need a few for mental stimulation, one for exercise, some for chewing, and anything else he seems to be interested in. 

It may seem scary at first, but you’ll soon observe which bird toys thrill him and which get buried in the wood chips. Because hamsters are typically solitary and many are nocturnal, having toys in their environment is vital for keeping them happy. It’s also a lot of fun to watch.

Are Plastic Bird Toys Safe for My Hamster?

When it comes to plastic toys, caution is required. Plastic tunnels, tubes, and other play structures are popular among hamsters, but chewing them can cause problems. 

Some plastic bird toys will deteriorate quickly, and if your hamster is swallowing plastic pieces as a result of chewing, this is a serious concern. When offering plastic toys to your hamster, keep an eye on them and discard them if your hamster is chewing on them excessively.

How Can I Help My Hamster to Exercise?

You can encourage your hamster by giving it toys to encourage the production of energy. These toys can be runabouts, wheel rollers, and exercise balls.

Runabouts are little plastic balls that you can open and shut while your hamster is inside. It’s safer than a wheel and less likely for a hamster to slip off.

The hamster wheel is the most popular and traditional hamster workout toy. They are available in both wood and plastic. It will be more durable and capable of handling your hamster’s vigorous movement if it is bigger.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters can use bird toys. It is important to note that not all bird toys are good for your hamster. I hope this article helps you know how you can use bird toys to make your hamster active and improve the health of your little friend.

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