How Old Are Hamsters When They Are Sold

How Old Are Hamsters When They Are Sold?

Hamsters are typically three to six months old when they are sold; with the right care, they can live up to five years. Some retailers sell hamsters as young as three weeks old, even though the majority of pet owners think it is cruel for the mother hamster to have her young taken away from her.

Remember that hamsters have a short lifespan, so the time they spend in your care will pass more quickly than if you had picked a younger hamster while picking a hamster from the store.

I discuss the various ages at which hamsters should be available for purchase in pet stores in this post.

How Soon Can You Separate a Hamster from Its Mother?

You may take a hamster away from its mother between the ages of three and six weeks. Breeders frequently suggest delaying the release until the hamster is four weeks old.

At this stage, it ought to be fully weaned. Knowing this is advantageous since it gives the animal a better chance to acclimate to its new habitat.

But it’s important to keep in mind that hamsters need some time to get used to their new surroundings, so you might need to leave them alone for longer than the advised four weeks. It also gives the mother’s milk time to run out, requiring a second feeding.

Hamsters still have trouble digesting solid feeds at three weeks old. Departing from their mother before five to six weeks is thus not optimal for them.

You may only adopt a new hamster at six weeks old if it is an orphan.

Do Pet Stores Sell Old Hamsters?

Old hamsters are usually not sold at pet stores but are given for free since they are difficult to move and do not live very long, whereas young hamsters have many more years of commercial value.

It’s also important to keep in mind that older animals aren’t always harder or more costly to care for than younger ones; in fact, the costs involved in rescuing them from the death store may be far lower than the cost of purchasing an animal from a pet store.

You might look for help elsewhere if you are willing to go further. Reputable shelter organizations that might use your help are frequently listed by animal shelters.

Before visiting an animal shelter, be sure you can adopt an older animal from there.

How Can I Determine My Hamster’s Age?

Your hamster’s teeth and eye size can be used to determine its age. With time, the sight becomes less transparent and gradually occupies more of the eyeball.

As a hamster age, its teeth will also change in shape.

You should take your hamster to the veterinarian for an examination if you are unsure about when it is old enough. When calculating the age of a hamster, its teeth are crucial to take into account.

The front and rear teeth develop in different ways.

In comparison to the other front teeth, the top tooth will be smaller. This occurs as a result of the hamster chewing its food less fully and having less to eat. On top of it, there will be a ridge for chewing.

Make sure nothing difficult is destroyed since if its teeth extend too far, they might harm something. By the time your hamster is four months old, it should be fully developed.

How Old Must Hamsters Be to Be Sold at Pet Shops?

Hamsters are typically one year old when they enter a pet store. Hamsters form relationships with their owners early in life and, if separated, will exhibit behaviors like melancholy for a while; this is the stage of life when the hamster is ready to “go out” and find a new home.  

Older hamsters require less care since they don’t need as much food and water as younger ones do. One square of wholesome hamster food is more than plenty for an older pet, and fresh water should always be available.

The only requirement is to check the water every day to make sure it hasn’t changed.

If the hamsters’ environment is filthy, you might be able to fix the issue by giving them something else to drink from, like little pieces of produce you won’t be consuming. If a hamster refuses to drink the water provided, it can be because its surroundings are dirty.

Hamsters may survive up to three years or more if they are given the correct care. The amount of time you spend with them is important, but so is how you treat them and how they see your relationship with them.

For an aged hamster to be content, regular handling, availability to clean housing, fresh food, and water, as well as loads of love, is necessary.


Are female hamsters for sale in pet stores?

Pet stores do not want to deal with all the complications of purchasing females. So, the response is no. Most businesses don’t sell females since it’s difficult to tell if a hamster is male or female simply by looking at it.

If it were simple to distinguish, people would purchase a male instead of spending money on cages and toys for them. Males, however, are less prone to infections.

To find out if a store sells male or female hamsters, you may call and ask what they typically have in stock. 

Where are old unwanted hamsters taken from the pet store?

The American Humane Society

They work to stop animal maltreatment in addition to housing plenty of animals.

Humane Society International 

This global non-profit organization funds several programs for animal welfare.

Hamster Welfare Fund

This organization maintains an animal shelter where lost or abandoned hamsters can get food, water, and medical care.

The Phoenix Foundation

This organization is dedicated to caring for mistreated or abandoned animals.

The Humane Society of the United States 

HSUS aspires to improve the lives of animals by creating a society where “animals are adored, respected, and treated with care. “This organization searches for ways to improve animal welfare and end animal cruelty.

What is the lifespan of a hamster? 

The average lifespan of a hamster is between two and four years, depending on the species, habitat, and genetics. The most popular kind is the ordinary Syrian hamster, but Chinese or dwarf hamsters can also be maintained and often survive for two to three years.

Chinese or dwarf hamsters can live up to four years. However, the average lifetime is close to two years.

Hamsters cannot live in freezing temperatures; they prefer warm, dry surroundings. The hamster will cease eating as soon as the temperature falls below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which will quickly result in death.

A hamster’s personality influences its lifetime as well. The hamster’s diet, however, has a bigger impact on how long it lives.

A hamster’s lifetime is also influenced by nature. 

The hamster’s diet, however, has a more significant impact on how long it lives. A hamster’s lifetime can be extended by one to two years with a good diet and regular exercise.

Genetics also can have an impact on hamster life. It may pass away in the same manner as a hamster from its previous generation if it dies before two to three years.

A dwarf hamster’s parents also have a big effect on how long it lives; if the mother doesn’t eat enough during pregnancy, the baby will probably perish. It would be preferable to give hamsters food and water every two hours.

A healthy diet and regular exercise can extend the hamster’s life by one to two years. Overfeeding or failing to follow their instincts, however, might result in major health problems. 

Hamsters are omnivores, just like many other rodents like mice; they will consume fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. They consume plant leaves since they are herbivores. If they can find it, hamsters will also consume fresh meat and eggs.

A hamster may be eaten by stray cats, dogs, or coyotes at night or outside of its environment.

One of the worst things that may happen to a hamster is sickness. Their life expectancy can be increased by more than two years with acceptable care and nutrition, as was previously noted because good nutrition is crucial for a healthy living environment.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters are available for purchase at pet stores when they are around a month old. The hamster will probably be less than a month old when you acquire it, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Therefore, you should buy your pet hamster from a pet store when it is around one month old if you want to get the most out of life with your new buddy.

Most purchasers want to acquire a young hamster that is less than one month old. However, a juvenile hamster’s life at an animal shelter might be challenging, which raises the possibility that they’ll experience health problems in later life.

Therefore, it is advisable to get a hamster that is a bit older and has been healthy for a while.

Therefore, if one is unsure of how long one can wait for the hamster in her new circumstances, asking advice from someone with more experience breeding hamsters than oneself is always a good idea.

Hopefully, this article was helpful. Consider the tips given to know how old hamsters are.