When Do Ferrets Hunt

When Do Ferrets Hunt? | What Animals Do They Eat?

Ferrets are night-time hunters that live and forage on their own. Because they are nocturnal species, they begin to move about around nightfall. Ferrets have exceptional senses of smell, sight, and hearing. They produce chattering or hissing sounds to communicate their fear when they are scared. During the day, they rest. For up to a […]

Do Ferrets Get Hurt Easily

Do Ferrets Get Hurt Easily | How Can You Tell?

Ferrets are delicate animals and they do get hurt easily. You can tell that your ferret is hurt by observing its behavior. Hurt Ferrets show signs such as hiding, aggression, trembling, collapse, squinting eyes, whimpering, hiding and teeth grinding. A lot of things and conditions can hurt your ferrets.   Most ferrets rarely express pain or […]

How Do Ferrets Care For Their Young

How Do Ferrets Care For Their Young

Ferrets care for their young by nursing them every couple of hours and letting them sleep for the first three weeks. Kits are completely reliant on their mother, to the point where they require her gentle cleaning after defecating to maintain their health and well-being.  When the kits are born, they are only 2 inches […]

Ferret Fall Injuries

Ferret Fall Injuries – How to Prevent

Ferret fall injuries are very common, so as a ferret owner being aware of the underlying causative factors and taking precautions to minimize slips and falls can help you avoid emergencies.  Fractures, bruises, and abrasions are the most common ferret fall injuries, with the majority of these occurring in the limbs. Factors that contribute to […]

Can Ferrets Eat Peanut Butter

Can Ferrets Eat Peanut Butter? | Will It Harm Them?

The short answer to whether or not ferrets can eat peanut butter is no. Ferrets are sensitive creatures, and feeding peanut butter can lead to severe health issues like intestinal blockage. Many pet owners are more than happy to share human food with their pets. Therefore, it is okay to want to share peanut butter […]

Ferret Diseases

Common Ferret Diseases & Health Issues

Ferrets are delicate creatures, and pet owners need to always look out for common ferret diseases. Ideally, a ferret should have a thorough checkup annually where a veterinarian can run various vital tests. Pet ferrets that are 3 years and above require two visits per year to the vet clinic for checkups.  Ferret health problems […]

Are Ferrets Exotic Pets

Are Ferrets Exotic Pets? What Classifies as Exotic?

Many pet stores tend to advertise ferrets as under exotic pets when looking for potential pet owners. Ferrets are excellent companions, and they come in handy as rodent managers in a home. Their scientific name is Mustela Purtorius Furo, and they are a carnivorous breed. They are part of the Mustelidae, along with minks, otters, and […]