Are Hedgehogs Pigs

Are Hedgehogs Related To Pigs?

Hedgehogs are not related to pigs although both animals are mammals.  People often confuse hedgehogs with pigs because of the word “hog” in hedgehog which is an animal that belongs to the swine family group of mammals where pigs belong.   

There are major differences between a pig and a hedgehog. A hedgehog is carnivorous while a pig is omnivorous. 

The scientific name of a hedgehog is Erinaceus europaeus while that of a pig is Sus scrofa domesticus. From their scientific names, it is obvious that a pig and a hedgehog belong to two distinct families.

Are Hedgehogs Pigs?

In short, no hedgehogs are not pigs they are both different animals both mammals but they are very different. Most people think they are pigs because they have the word hog in their name.

Why the Name Hedgehog?

The hedgehog got its name because of the unusual way it hunts its food. Crawling through hedges and other undergrowth in pursuit of the little critters that make up the majority of their diet, hedgehogs are fascinating creatures.

As a hedgehog makes its way through the hedges, it makes grunts that sound like pigs, hence the name hedgehog.

In addition to being entertaining pets, hedgehogs are beneficial garden insect predators. Because hedgehogs have poor vision, they rely on their senses of hearing and smell to find prey when on the hunt.

Which Animals Are Related To Hedgehogs?

The hedgehog’s closest relatives include moles, shrews, and moon rats, all of which live underground. Because both porcupines and hedgehogs have quills, they are frequently confused with one another.

Even though hedgehogs and porcupines both have quills, the two creatures are not related.

Are Hedgehogs Good With Other Pets?

Hedgehogs are naturally solitary creatures, so leaving them alone in a cage and ignoring them is not a very bad idea. When kept as solitary pets, they perform well on their own, but enabling them to socialize with other household pets under close supervision may benefit your pet.

Hedgehogs will often push and prod their new companions before they fully trust them. 

How to Introduce Your Hedgehog to Other Pets

Introduce a hedgehog and another pet, say a cat, by holding the hedgehog and letting the other pet come to it. Having a person ready to remove the cat quickly if there is a negative reaction will also help to prevent injuries during the introduction.

Some pets like cats are fast learners and will avoid pushing the hedgehogs to their boundaries if they receive a few pokes. Getting poked in the nose or footpads will cause even the most tenacious pets to withdraw themselves from the hedgehog.

When you introduce your hedgehog to a small dog, their reaction will be comparable to a cat’s, therefore safeguarding both animals during the introduction. To be safe, do not introduce your hedgehog to a large breed dog that will not run away after a few pokes.

Your hedgehog will be more comfortable in your home if you introduce it to other pets. Hedgehogs can get along with rats, but it’s not a good idea to let them play with them in the wild.

Instead, keep them in a supervised play area. Take your hedgehog to the vet if a cat or a dog bites it while interacting.

How Are Hedgehogs Different From Pigs?

Hedgehogs and pigs have very distinct personalities as a result of their genetic variations and varied environments. While hedgehogs are loner creatures, pigs are friendly creatures who do not mind being handled by humans.

When faced with a threat, hedgehogs and pigs react in quite different ways. When confronted, a hedgehog will curl up into a ball, but a pig will leap out of the way.

Hedgehogs and pigs are very different in terms of the amount of noise they make and how they are cared for. When a pig is angry or terrified, it makes loud squeaks, but hedgehogs hiss when they are scared or angry.

In terms of upkeep, a hedgehog will require you to bathe it, whilst a pig will take care of itself.

Can Pigs And Hedgehogs Stay Together Peacefully?

In most circumstances, hedgehogs and pigs will not coexist peacefully because they have so many differences. A pig is a social animal, whereas a hedgehog is a solitary creature.

When hedgehogs and pigs are brought together, the personality differences between the two can result in conflicts. A pig may be a nuisance to your hedgehog’s peace.

Furthermore, although hedgehogs are most active at night and will come out at night, pigs will spend their days actively feeding and engaging in other activities during the day.

Is It Advisable To Put Hedgehogs And Pigs In The Same Housing?

Housing your pig and hedgehog in the same cage is not a good idea. This is due to the greater likelihood of the pig and hedgehog inflicting harm on one another.

It’s not a good idea to keep the two animals together because they can start fighting and end up killing each other.

Getting a large cage for your pig and hedgehog is necessary if you insist on having them together. Toys and food should be provided for your pet individually as well.

The possibility of disease transmission among hedgehogs and pigs is also a worry. The same sickness that kills pigs could kill a hedgehog if it’s spread to the animal’s host.

Do Pigs And Hedgehogs Share A Diet?

Hedgehogs and pigs don’t eat the same kind of food. Hedgehogs eat meat, while pigs eat plants.

Keeping hedgehogs and pigs requires separate food supplies because each species has specific nutritional needs.

If you want your hedgehogs to grow up healthy, you should avoid feeding them pig feed because it contains vegetables. The health of a hedgehog is dependent on the consumption of meat because it is a carnivore.

In a shared cage, your hedgehog may eat the pig’s food from time to time. As a result, you should never feed this to your pet as a regular part of its diet.

This is due to the lack of meat in pig chow, which is essential for a hedgehog’s survival.

Hedgehog vs. Pig for a Pet

Owning either a hedgehog or a pig as a pet is a good idea but choosing between the two depends on your individual preferences. Always remember that owning a pet adds to your responsibilities. 

The success of your pet depends on you and your commitment to caring for it. A pig is an excellent pet if you enjoy caressing and cuddling.

A hedgehog requires more time before you get all cuddly and friendly with it. 

If you choose a hedgehog as a pet, it is advisable you repeat routines like playing to build trust between you and your pet. If you don’t want to repeat the routine then your hedgehog will grow frustrated and antisocial.

You may have to select between a pig and a hedgehog based on your availability, as their needs differ. Unlike pigs, hedgehogs need constant care so if you are always busy, it might not be a good choice for you. 

Final Remarks 

Pigs and hedgehogs are not related but if you choose to pet them, it’s best to separate them into separate pens and only allow them to interact with each other while closely supervised. This is because these animals are capable of fighting and inflicting harm on one another.

Pigs are notorious for biting hedgehog quills, which puts them at risk of getting infected.

You should not feed your hedgehog and pig the same food, even if you allow them to interact. Hedgehogs must consume meat to stay healthy as they grow.

Because guinea pigs are herbivores, giving your hedgehog its food will lead to starvation and possibly death for your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs can live peacefully with other pets although they choose to live in solitude. Your pets’ ability to get along totally depends on how you introduce them to one another.

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